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Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is a unique practice that combines elements of traditional Yoga with suspension in our aerial slings. The aerial sling offers support and flexibility allowing students to move freely within the natural framework of their unique build without bracing external resistance. Building total body strength, Aerial Yoga incorporates all movement actions, including the pulling motion that is not available in traditional Yoga. 

Students will take flight in their practice and find comfort in zero compression inversions as the sling offers traction for the spine and pelvis. With options for every level, Aerial Yoga brings an element of play and freedom to an existing movement practice. 

Upcoming Aerial Classes

Benefits & Risks

Aerial is FUN and the benefits of the practice exceed well beyond an enjoyable experience. Some additional benefits are:

  • Building total-body strength with all movement actions, including the pulling motion that traditional yoga cannot achieve. 

  • No cheat postures- Standing postures, such as lunge and warrior 2, performed with a support leg suspended in the sling, create an environment that encourages smaller stabilizing muscles to engage along with prime moving muscles to create balance. 

  • Self-spotting challenging postures- Hand balancing postures, such as handstand and forearm stand, become more accessible with the gentle support of the sling.

  • Zero compression inversions- hanging upside down allows students to get all the therapeutic benefits of inverting without the risk of injury.

  • Movement within your natural framework- with the gentle support of the slings, students can stretch while softening with gravity instead of resisting or bracing external resistance. 

  • Playfulness- Aerial Yoga brings an element of play as students can swing, hang, and spin. 

  • Increased body awareness and proprioception- students develop a deeper connection to their bodies as they create shapes suspended upside and backward. 

  • Improved mental state- as with any form of exercise and movement, Aerial Yoga can help to decrease stress, improve sleep, lower the risk of depression, and create feelings of empowerment.

Although Earth & Elevate designs classes with safety as a top priority, some risks are:

  • Falling- Falls can happen. To reduce this risk always listen closely to instruction, watch the demos fully before practicing a new move, and wait to try new moves until an instructor is there to offer a spot.

  • Inverting can be dangerous for some- Inversions may be contraindicated for many health conditions including glaucoma, hypertension, uncompensated congestive heart failurecarotid artery stenosis, hiatal hernia or spinal instabilityhistory of cerebrovascular accidents, high or low blood pressure, history of stroke or heart conditions of any kind, pregnancy, epilepsyeye issues, and inner ear issues. It is always best to consult your physician if you're unsure.

  • Dizziness- Inverting and spinning can create dizziness.  

  • Nausea- If you're prone to motion sickness you may experience feelings of nausea. 

  • Soft-tissue injury (bruising)- Although the slings are soft and stretchy, Aerial can be painful in the beginning. Bruising can occur. To reduce the risk of injury, it is recommended students wear shirts that cover their upper arms and leggings that cover the knee.

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